Sites Designed For Questioning Travelers

Yes, if you are even an internet beginner, you should be able to find websites. And I’ve tracked down some websites that are just excellent for any traveler and any purpose. Some ezines don’t like too many websites listed in an article because they think the author is promoting her own company or an affiliate. So just to terms below and you will get to the website.

” First, just to find out multitudes of details about various destinations, try Frommers or Fodors. Another wealth of info is the Tourist Office Worldwide Directory (TOWD). For scads of info about luxury cruises go to the Cruisemates site. ShawGuides and SpecTrav also offer lots of ideas for specialty travel packages.

” For maps to carry along on your trip check out the Multimap site. It contains fine quality, up-to-date maps.

” To compare rates and plans for travel insurance, check out the site QuoteTravelInsurance. It lists over a hundred companies and they are the better companies available.

” You can often find cheaper hotel, car rental, and airline rates online. One traveler was quoted a daily hotel rate over the phone for $129 and booked the same room online for $89. If you’re traveling through northern Europe, offers rooms with breakfast for typically $50-$80 per night.

” Britain offers some nice housing options. offers single rooms in Londoners’ homes starting at about $45 per night, and has a section for lodgings with rates beginning at $29 per room.

” Before you go to Japan, purchase a much cheaper Japan Rail Pass at Individual train tickets bought in Japan would cost a small fortune.

” If traveling to Hawaii, check out It lists specials and guided tours that most tourists have no knowledge of.

” Every Thursday and Saturday at noon, the Downtown Alliance (downtownny) offers free 90-minute walking tours of downtown New York. They even take you through the New York Stock Exchange and the U.S. Custom House.

It can be a lot of fun to explore travel and even make travel plans online. If you book travel or purchase rail passes or national park passes or whatever, make sure to print off a copy and bring it along. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a rail or bus station, a hotel, an airline gate, or a park or activity and discover that you have no admittance because you aren’t on their “list” or you don’t have proof for entrance.

By the way, it’s also actually quite easy and inexpensive to take agent training and become a certified travel agent. Then you will have added perks to already good deals. You receive travel discounts, you can book others’ travel for a commission, and your travel becomes a tax write-off because you promote yourself as you travel.