Camping with Baby/Toddler – YOU MUST BE CRAZY! Here is How to Do It Smoothly!

A family that performs activities together is a family that will stay together. One of the best activities to do with the family is to go on a camping trip together. If there is a toddler in the family, then there are specific baby camping gear that has to be added to the usual camping supply list. Without this baby camping gear, what was anticipated to be a few days of holiday and leisure may turn out to be a holiday of misery.

Of course, the first and foremost necessity of the baby on the trip would be its diapers. Take along as many diapers as possible so that the baby will feel comfortable on the trip. Along with the diapers, you will also have to take some wipes. Since we use wipes in our family for the bathroom, for stains on clothing, cleaning dirty arms and legs, sticky furniture, etc.. I am sure you will not be disappointed with having lots of extra wipes to help stay clean in your vehicle and campground. You will needs lots of extra sets of baby clothing, and extra pairs of shoes.

Whether you nurse your baby or not, it is advisable to bring along some formula, and of course, your Gerber toddler foods. It will give the mother a little more freedom should she so choose, and how often is a family together for a bonding experience? This gives the father an opportune time to feed the baby while his Mom goes fishing for dinner :)!! Naturally you will not want to forget the bottles.

Some cap, sun block lotion too and some bug spray that is safe for kids is advisable to avoid the baby having to go through misery with the various insects in the camping trail. The favorite blanket or stuffed toy of the child is very important to keep the baby quiet and content throughout the camping trip – In addition, some lightweight toys to keep the baby busy with.

You can choose from many baby back carriers for you to carry the baby while hiking, while keeping your back comfortable. There are also many baby strollers to choose from for use on trails. These are all the essential baby camping gear that has to be taken on a camping trip with your baby. This way, you will be sure of having a great family outing with your baby, in the camping trip.

While babies may seem to get a lot of focus, when it comes to camping. Often preschoolers get overlooked. That is why its crucial to bring along camping coloring pages as well as a plethora of snacks for camping. This will keep your young child interested and can be a preventive from the kids wandering away unsupervised.

And of course you will want cameras and other video equipment to remember this time when you were in the outdoors. To look back on a time when the idea of taking a baby/toddler on a camping trip seemed reasonable, and not insane, as it may when you age.. Then when your children grow up and say ‘We never do anything Fun!’, you will have this as your proof!.

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