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5 Disposable Wedding Camera Tips

The use of disposable wedding cameras is fast becoming popular nowadays. The usual disposable cameras with a built in flash is commonly used and have 27 frames. The idea is that the guests will be the one to take their own pictures.

The guests can use these disposable wedding cameras to shoot candid moments as they see it. This will be a cheaper option for the bride and groom and the guests will surely have fun. The newly weds then can choose the pictures that they like and would include in their wedding album.

For soon to be married couples, I have here some tips on how to look for your own disposable wedding cameras. Hope these tips can help make your wedding be more memorable.

Tips on How to Choose a Disposable Camera for your Wedding

Tip 1 – Opt for Brand New Ones

It is unwise to purchase a used camera since it be defective and will not work on that special day.

Tip 2 – Film

If you are looking for a vintage or classic look then you should opt for black and white. If you like to see every detail of the occasion in living colors, then you should use colored film and these will be much cheaper.

Tip 3 – Film and Flash Speed

For general usage the best speed film is around 400. This will surely capture those precious moments.

Tip 4 – Waterproof Casing

It is much better to be safe than sorry. The best option is to buy a waterproof camera. Small spills can happen on tables especially during happy and raucous moments.

Tip 5 – Photo Taking

A lot of your guest might be shy at first and they would hesitate using the camera. It would be best to assign some of your groomsmen and bridesmaid to go around and assist your guest in taking their first pictures.

3 Tips For Panic Attacks and Preventing Them in the Future

Panic attacks affect a number of people daily, but many of these people do not know how to properly handle them. People who suffer from real panic symptoms know how serious they can be.

They can lead to immediate issues and can seriously impact a person’s life if they have an attack while at work or while driving. But the long term effects can include long term heart damage or ulcers.

It is important for a person to seek medical help if attacks are reoccurring or if they are causing major disruptions during their day.

However, there are a few tips for panic attacks that one can follow to reduce the impact or duration of these attacks.

Tip 1: Calm Down

There are different coping mechanisms, but they all strive for the same goal. Panic symptoms are most commonly induced by stress. Having a coping mechanism when you feel it is starting or has the potential to start is very important. For many people, a comfort phrase is helpful.

Something that can be repeated over and over to keep the person in the present and prevent them from worrying about the future. Breathing exercises or meditation on a regular basis may help a person during the course of the day.

Tip 2: Medication

No one wants to take medication for their problems, but the fact is that it can often be very helpful. Anti-anxiety medication is one of the safer forms of medication and can have many benefits with limited side effects.

While it is rarely the first choice for people with a problem, it is one that anyone looking for tips for panic or anxiety attacks should consider. Your panic attacks are a health problem, and should be treated accordingly.

Tip 3: Avoid the False Cures

Many people still practice techniques that may not work or may even be dangerous. Tips for anxiety or stress management would not be worth much without knowing what to avoid. One method, breathing into a paper bag, can do more harm than good.

The idea is that the body is breathing in carbon dioxide and lowering levels of oxygen in the blood. This can lead to a calming effect as hyperventilation is countered. However, this is a crude method which cannot be regulated. It can lead to dizziness and even fainting, along with more permanent problems.

It is possible to stop the attack and lessen the risk to the person who is suffering. However, it is important to understand these tips for panic attacks and why they work.

This way, you can avoid doing more harm to yourself. Panic attacks are a serious matter and need to be treated as such. Just follow a few of these simple tips for panic and you may notice a reduction in the severity and duration of your attacks.