Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Commercial dog foods may contain preservatives that are altered by chemical processes and might to harmful for dogs. They can also contain anything that do not contribute to your pet’s health.

To avoid digestive problems with your dog, prepare your own homemade dog food. You will thus control the content as well as the quality of his food.

Avoid using any old recipes you get across on the net to prepare your dog’s homemade food. Be sure to make your food that will ensure your dog eating a well-balanced, healthy diet which totally meets the nutritional needs.

For healthy, standard, homemade dog food recipes formula, that is well-balanced, it should contain about:

  • 50 percent protein
  • 25 percent vegetables
  • 25 percent grain

Do not forget to add in some vitamins, minerals, and rich in omega-3 oils for healthy skin and coat.

Most fruits are fine to include, as well as both raw and cooked meats, cooked grains, cooked eggs, cooked veggies too.

  • Meat – Dogs need protein, and meat is the essential means to get it. It should be the important element of your dog’s diet. Choose ground beef or turkey to make your own dog food as promptly and easily as possible, as they are already conveniently chopped up for you. It is better to cook all meats, this is more important for ground meats as there are lots of surfaces in ground meat upon which dangerous bacteria can grow.
  • Eggs – Like meat, eggs are a good source of protein. Raw eggs frequently carry harmful bacteria, be sure to scramble them or hard-boil them before inclusion in your recipes to avoid contaminating your homemade dog food recipes with an ingredient that may potentially be unsafe for your pooch.
  • Vegetables – Vitamins and minerals of all sorts are contained within vegetables, make sure your dog gets a wide variety of them. So finely chop or puree them to enable easy digestion. Include kale, celery, carrots, cucumbers and zucchini. Peas as well as spinach are known to be popular puppy pleasers.
  • Starch – Homemade dog food recipes should contain some starch. Add some energy-producing items like baked or boiled potatoes and boiled or steamed brown rice. Carbohydrates like these provide sustained energy that will ensure your dog’s energy between meals.

Some dog food recipes ingredients to avoid, that can harm your puppy:

Never include onions, chocolate, avocados, nuts and garlic, grapes or raisins. These foods can make your dog sick. There are a lot more ingredients you need to avoid.

You will need to make a diet change gradually. Your pooch will surely be very appreciative of the extra tasty, super high quality food you are serving him, prepared with healthy natural ingredients, using wisely selected safe, nutritionally balanced homemade dog food recipes.

Do not be shocked at first, it is quite common for dogs to encounter a temporary stomach upset throughout a diet switch. If it happens to your dog, this is because you’re trying to make the switch too fast. Do not be afraid to play it safe and take longer time, mixing a little more homemade dog food with your pet’s regular food each day.