How Do I Get Gourmet Points in Restaurant City? 8 Ways to Get Tons of Gourmet Points

Gourmet Points (or as we will refer here GP) are an easy way to level up fast in Restaurant City Game on Facebook. Here we will discuss some easy ways to get a lot of GP to level up and beat other players.

1- Level up your dishes: You will get an increment of 0.2 GP as you get an additional level of dishes and you have at least ten levels of dishes to complete.

2- Keep your restaurant running: If you want to do anything like visiting or buying things from register you better open another screen.

3- Serve only your highest level dishes.

4- Give gifts: This will get you GP as well as gifting awards but you have to gift smart because some gifts will not give you GP.

I will give you here the things that will give you more GP:

– Gift tiles that you do not have in inventory. As the tiles worth more, they will give you more GP.

– Gifting items that are not in your inventory will give you GP more as their value goes up. If the items are found in your inventory you will get only 5 GP regardless of the value of the item.

5- Buy items: as you buy items the number of GP you will get is dependent on their coin value. For example you will get 5GP for an item that cost 100 coins while you will get 25 GP for items that worth 500 coins.

6- Pick up garbage: Every piece of garbage you pick up will give you 1 GP and you can reach quickly to the rubbish awards.

7- Choose a good layout for the restaurant: As it is known to Restaurant city players. A good layout for your chairs, tables and stoves will make your waiters faster and more efficient. The faster they go the better you will do and you will earn more, level up fast and get GP also.

8- Level up too fast: This will give you massive amount of GP for example if you reached level 26 you will get 218,000 GP! That is a huge amount of GP. You can make your competitors envious.

Restaurant city game is a popular game and you can have a really good time playing. Play more and you will know new ways how you can get more gourmet points than your friends.