How To Mix Culture With Fun On A Stag Party In Budapest

A stag party is not a cultural event. Fact! However it doesn’t mean you can not try to slip in some cultural entertainment like sight-seeing. If you hold the stag party abroad it would give to the participants some idea about the city they are in.

Off course don’t even try to build the whole weekend around sight-seeing or museums; probably most of the stag group won’t want to spend long hours doing that. On a stag weekend the participants are looking for lighter entertainment but might really appreciate it if the party elements are infused with some local traditions. A stag party in Budapest offers you the perfect solution to mix culture with fun.

Europe’s second longest river the Danube runs through the middle of Budapest. Budapest is a single city occupying both banks of the Danube. The Danube stretches for 30km through the city and has an average width of 400 m, providing an advantage for water traffic. Besides cargo vessels, barges and river cruise boats the local water traffic is also busy. Speed boats and pleasure boats are available.

It is possible to rent a private boat, exclusively for your use to see the sights of the city. It is possible to have it live up to its “pleasure” name and organise all manners of onboard entertainment. A two hour trip will give you enough time to take pleasure in the sights of Budapest and in enjoy food, drink and perhaps onboard entertainment.

What kind of things are on offer?

A boat trip on the Danube in Budapest is equivalent to a mini sight-seeing tour. The river presents a breathtaking view of beautiful old buildings, incredible architecture; lots of history. During a boat trip you will have the opportunity to see the many of the most well known symbols of Budapest like the Chain Bridge, the Castle District, the Parliament, the Liberty Statue, Gellért Hill, Gellért Hotel, the National Theatre, Gresham Palace (the Four Season Hotel is located within it), etc…
A good tip is try to rent the boat at sunset so you will be able to see the city in the last remnants of daylight and after dark when everything is lit up and the Danube reflect the lights of the city.
If you wish you can order catering on the boat. You can try the traditional Hungarian goulash and other traditional dishes that would add to the cultural aspect of your trip.
Onboard reasonably-priced cash bar services are usually available, where beside the international drinks you can try the traditional Hungarian drinks like Pálinka, Unicum, wine and Hungarian beer.

Budapest is not just famous just for the sights, food and drink. It is also well known for beautiful Hungarain girls! For instance, booze and eroticism usually play a big part of a stag weekend. And if you add all that to your pleasure boat it promises a real pleasure. So to really add to the glory of the stag party in Budapest, order a spectacular erotic show. During the show the stag will be involved. From the stag’s point of view it is not too humiliating and it makes the other group members laugh. These shows do not contain very strong adult scenes, but they are very spectacular and high standard erotic shows and definitely still for over 18s.

Hiring a pleasure boat on a stag party in Budapest could be the perfect solution to mix fun, party and culture.