Kiev Restaurants Offer a Great Mix of Simple and the Most Stylish Ones

Kiev has grown in stature since the independence of Ukraine in 1991, and today it is a major financial hub of the world and an important business place. It is also a hot tourist destination because of good weather and a rich cultural heritage. Millions of tourists come to the city of Kiev every year, and it is easy to spot people from a lot of nationalities in Kiev at any given point of time. Naturally, to cater to the tastes and requirements of such diverse population, one would expect a lot of Kiev restaurants.

Not so long ago, there were either very simple, basic type of Kiev restaurants serving the local populace and the stylish and expensive restaurants catering to the needs of foreign dignitaries and businessmen. But today, there are a lot of restaurants that are a mix of the two types an which cater to the emerging middle class of Kiev and are good in quality which makes even foreign tourists flock to them to satisfy their hunger.

With the influx of so many tourists, it is obvious that the restaurants in Kiev have all types of cuisines of the world and whether you wish to have the local cuisine or the European cuisine, you have a lot of options up your sleeve. There are American cuisines, Sushi, Pizzas, Steaks, Asian cuisine, Fast food restaurants, business lunches, and what not. You name it, you have it in Kiev. Below is a list of restaurants in Kiev that are popular both among the local population as well as tourists.

If you are looking for comfort and a peaceful lunch or dinner, Avalon is the place you should be in. Fish is the specialty here, and you get to eat more than 20 fish dishes. Apart from fish, you also get to taste some of the very exotic wines in this restaurant.

Buddha bar Kiev
This is a very famous restaurant for the tourists. The atmosphere is care free and very relaxing. It is very spacious and has both a bar and a restaurant.

You should visit The Capuchin restaurant if you are looking for European cuisine, especially French delicacies.

If you are in search of something special, come to Corsair. The setting is very impressive and gives one an impression of eating in an ancient ship. You feel as if you are having your dinner in the mess room of a ship. Iron chains, wooden furniture and the wall paintings are all reminiscent of a ship.

Grand Plaza
As the name implies, this is a very stylish and expensive restaurant that remains open 24 hours a day. The hospitality is great, with a great tasting food. You can expect almost all European dishes here.

Miami Blues
Do not be fooled by its name, as you can expect cuisines from all over the world here. The restaurant is so famous that you just say Miami Blues and the taxi driver will take you there. It is situate at a walking distance from the city center.