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Killzone 3 (KZ3) – Beyond Just an Action and Adventure Game for PS3

Beyond the action and adventure game, Killzone 3 is a piece of beautiful art, gripping storyline, mature production and full of hard emotions. This game will allow you and your co-operative game player to play in a split screen. Split-Screen feature allows two players to play Killzone 3 campaign offline. Its Multiplayer feature in the KZ3 supports three modes: Warzone, Guerilla Warfare, and Operations. This action game is as dynamic with brutal characters and explosive as the last game Killzone 2.

It is going to the give real pleasure to all true gamers around the globe with moments of genuine surprise in the game. This time Killzone 3 is in color mode but there are certainly the places where colors are presented in so much industrialized way which is quite good and need of the game. Story of the game is deep serious and violent so according to that, visuals are very impressive and colors are although not that much dominating and giving support to the game theme and approach in entire story. Game has exceptional story telling along with brilliant voice act for characters to tell the story in unique and most accurate way to make it more live and real.

Killzone 3 is the best PS3 game, not perfect, but smart enough game to keep you busy until its completion. Keeping the game suspense as it is and not spoiling the fun of the story will briefly introduce some new updates of PS3 console game Killzone 3. The plot begins in the game right after the death of Visari, but the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance’s (ISA’s) is facing crucial stage with declining army which is reduced to mere handfuls of surviving soldiers. Captain Narville and his gang of courageous heroes struggle to grab so much as a foothold as the Helghan Territorial Army notches up the resistance of its planet.

Killzone 3 trailers reveals the entry of three new characters: Jammer she is an ISA member, Admiral Orlock and Jorhan Stahl are the hopeful heirs to the Visari’s empire. This PlayStation 3 home console Game has everything, but wow factor which was uniquely present in Killzone 2 is lacking somewhere. Guerrilla game developers have done the great job in making this game one of the best for PS3. Apart from few cons KZ3 is truly first-person shooter game which is graphically stunning, brutal in battle field and harsh in emotions.

The Garmin Nuvi 765T – Adventures in GPS Systems

The Garmin Nuvi 765T is a great all around GPS unit especially for those that are just beginning their adventures in GPS systems. The interface is user friendly and uncomplicated and the unit is pretty much ready to go right from the box. The setup is minimal and you will be finding your way to new places quickly. There are many Points Of Interest (POIs) pre-loaded in the unit and include restaurants, gas stations, hospitals and hotels. If you are in a strange town and need to find a place to grab some gas, have a meal or sleep for the night, just search the POIs and the Nuvi 765T will show you the way.

This GPS system has many other user friendly features as well.  It comes complete with ad-supported free traffic alerts that will guide you around construction, accidents and other traffic tie-ups.  In the unlikely event that an alternative route can’t be found, it will give you an estimated delay time. Do you live in one of the states that won’t let you talk on your cell phone except via hands free?  The 765T comes with Bluetooth connectivity to link with compatible cell phones to give you the hands free talking ability. 

This Garmin Nuvi also comes with text to speech directions, advanced lane guidance, and turn by turn instructions to assist you with those confusing and unfamiliar interchanges.The Garmin Nuvi 765T allows you to plan economical routes to save you valuable gas money and also has multi-media capability allowing you to upload music from an SD card for your travel enjoyment.  The main bad feature of this unit is that in order to utilize the free traffic feature, it has to be plugged into the docking module and attached to the power cord.

If you want to save a little extra cash, look for the Garmin Nuvi 765T in a factory refurbished condition. So, get your travel plans ready, grab yourself a GPS system and hit the highway.  There are many new adventures waiting for you just down the road.